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Blue Period (Limited Gatefold 2LP)Blue Period (Limited Gatefold 2LP)
Lost Dialect (LP)Lost Dialect (LP)
Eric Hilton Lost Dialect (LP)
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Urban Driftwood (LP)Urban Driftwood (LP)
age/sex/location (Color Vinyl LP)
Shea Butter Baby (LP)Shea Butter Baby (LP)
Collected (2 x 180g LP)Collected (2 x 180g LP)
Traveling Man (Numbered Ltd LP)Traveling Man (Numbered Ltd LP)
The Odd Tape (Limited Color Vinyl LP)The Odd Tape (Limited Color Vinyl LP)
Saturn In The Basement (LP)Saturn In The Basement (LP)
Contraband From India (LP)Contraband From India (LP)
Kaput (Color Vinyl LP)Kaput (Color Vinyl LP)
Enough To Plague A Saint (LP)Enough To Plague A Saint (LP)
The Actual Heat (LP)The Actual Heat (LP)