DC Top Spins - Black History Month

DC Go-Go: Ten Years Backstage (Book)DC Go-Go: Ten Years Backstage (Book)
Spider Tales (LP)Spider Tales (LP)
Jake Blount Spider Tales (LP)
Sale price$19.50
What's Going On (LP)What's Going On (LP)
The Legend of Cool "Disco" Dan (DVD)The Legend of Cool "Disco" Dan (DVD)
Cool "Disco" Dan The Legend of Cool "Disco" Dan (DVD)
Sale price$10.80 Regular price$13.50
War (On The Bull Shit!) (12")
Black Wax (DVD)
Gil Scott-Heron Black Wax (DVD)
Sale price$12.00 Regular price$15.00
Two Is One (180g LP)Two Is One (180g LP)
8:46 (LP)8:46 (LP)
Dave Chappelle 8:46 (LP)
Sale price$20.00
Chocolate City (LP)Chocolate City (LP)
Southern Energy (LP)Southern Energy (LP)
Drum Message (2LP)Drum Message (2LP)