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Lock It (Original 12")
Hoochie Coochie Man (Original 12")
Sock It To Me (Original 12")
Sock It To Me (Original 12")Sock It To Me (Original 12")
Go-Go Swing Live (Original LP)Go-Go Swing Live (Original LP)
Body Moves (Original 12")Body Moves (Original 12")
Slug-Go Live (Original LP)
Open Your Eyes (Original 12" EP) (VG)Open Your Eyes (Original 12" EP) (VG)
The Beat (Original 12") (VG)The Beat (Original 12") (VG)
Passion Flower (Original LP) (VG)Passion Flower (Original LP) (VG)
D.T. (Original 12")
Alvin D.T. (Original 12")
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