Advanced Artistry (CD)

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Format: CD 
Label: Christylez Production LLC 
Year: 2008 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


1 Welfare Check 
2 Aura (Feat. Naima Jahmaal) 
3 Get Down 
4 Metroneusense 
5 Roaches 
6 Individual 
7 Indecisive (Feat. D'mite) 
8 Keep It Real (Feat. Komplex) 
9 Halfadayz 
10 Tryanny (Feat. Earn) 
11 Ellington 
12 Mambo Sauce 
13 Urban Redevelopment (Feat. D'mite) 
14 Star 

"I called the album Advanced Artistry because it takes on traditional hip-hop elements and expands everything about it, with the use of piano solos in between the chorus & verses, heavy extended chord progressions, altered song structuring, and all original composition without sampling records.

"Being a student at Duke Ellington School of the Arts, I always saw these connections between sonata-allegro form and hip-hop song structure, scat & rapping. But hip-hop artists weren't doing that.

"I created this album out of a dream and a longing to hear the combination of cultures, genres, and social classes. I call it progressive hip-hop. It takes traditional hip-hop elements and fuses live instrumentation and genres from around the world."

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