The Early Rebel Recordings, 1962-1971 (4CD Box Set)

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Format: 4CD Box Set 
Label: Rebel Records 
Year: 1998 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 

This 4CD collection comes in an LP-sized (12" x 12"), sturdy, lidded box. 



  1. Christmas Time Back Home 
  2. Heavenward Bound 
  3. I Am Weary (Let Me Rest) 
  4. Sad And Lonesome Day 
  5. The Bluebirds Are Singing 
  6. The White Rose 
  7. The Gentleman Is Blue 
  8. Philadelphia Lawyer 
  9. Spanish Two-Step 
  10. Bringing Mary Home 
  11. The Convict And The Rose 
  12. Banks Of The Ohio 
  13. Down Where The River Bends 
  14. Battle Hymn Of The Republic 
  15. This World's No Place To Live 
  16. Uncle Joe 
  17. Northbound  
  18. Let The Light Shine Down 
  19. Girl From The North Country 
  20. Cold Wind A Blowing 
  21. Jingle Bells 
  22. Silent Night 
  23. We Three Kings 
  24. Blue Bell 
  25. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 
  26. Matterhorn 
  27. Dark As A Dungeon 
  28. Big Bruce 


  1. When They Ring Those Golden Bells 
  2. Buffalo Gals 
  3. A Beautiful Life 
  4. I'm Working On A Road 
  5. A Border Affair 
  6. Johnny Reb 
  7. Many A Mile  
  8. Amelia Erhart's Last Flight 
  9. Lord, I'm Coming Home 
  10. The Traveler 
  11. Silver Bell 
  12. Theme From Exodus 
  13. Love And Wealth 
  14. He Was A Friend Of Mine 
  15. Daybreak In Dixie 
  16. Some Old Day 
  17. Raggy Mountain Shakedown 
  18. Banana Boat Song 
  19. Going To The Races 
  20. Waiting For The Boys To Come Home 
  21. Darling Little Joe 
  22. El Dedo 
  23. I'll Be There Mary Dear 
  24. Blue Ridge Cabin Home 
  25. Take Me In A Lifeboat 
  26. The Sentence 
  27. Where I'm Bound 


  1. To The Rescue 
  2. Rodger Young 
  3. Green Green Grass Of Home 
  4. Along The Way 
  5. Let's 
  6. Rambling Boy 
  7. Gentlemen's Concerto 
  8. Take Me Back To The Valley 
  9. Fare-Thee-Well Cisco 
  10. Preaching, Praying, Singing 
  11. Mrs. Robinson 
  12. Two Little Boys 
  13. Doin' My Time 
  14. Rank Strangers To Me 
  15. Heaven 
  16. Goin' Home 
  17. Rank Strangers To Me 
  18. I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap 
  19. Over The Hills To The Poorhouse 
  20. Little White Church 
  21. Heaven 
  22. Bill Bailey 
  23. He Will Set Your Friends On Fire 
  24. Are You Washed In The Blood 
  25. One Wide River 
  26. On The Sunny Side Of Life 
  27. Born Again 
  28. I'll Break Out Again 


  1. Less Of Me 
  2. I Am A Pilgrim 
  3. Weapon Of Prayer 
  4. If I Were Free 
  5. Teach Your Children 
  6. Fox On The Run 
  7. Johnny And Jack Medley 
  8. I'd Rather Live By The Side Of The Road 
  9. These Men Of God 
  10. Cowboys And Indians 
  11. Sea Of Heartbreak 
  12. Orange Blossom Mandolin 
  13. Yesterday 
  14. The Girl Behind The Bar 
  15. The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp 
  16. Country Roads 
  17. Redwood Hill 
  18. Secret Of The Waterfall 
  19. Walkin' Down The Line 
  20. Breakin' It Down 
  21. New Freedom Bill 
  22. The Old Pine Tree 
  23. The Legend Of The Rebel Soldier 
  24. C. G. Express 
  25. Little Bessie 
  26. The Fields Have Turned Brown 
  27. Get In Line Boy 


Charlie Waller - Guitar, vocals 
John Duffey - Mandolin, vocals 
Eddie Adcock - banjo, vocals 
Tom Gray - Bass 
Ed Ferris - Bass 
Ed McGlothlin - Bass 
Bill Yates - Bass 
Jimmy Gaudreau - Mandolin 

The Country Gentlemen originated during the 1950s in Washington, DC, founded by DC native John Duffey. 

The Country Gentlemen played a varied repertoire, sometimes adapting music from other genres to their bluegrass style. They also borrowed from the folk genre with songs such as Gordon Lightfoot's "Redwood Hill".  It's one way that the group brought bluegrass music to a broader audience. 

Several of the band’s songs ("Two Little Boys," "Bringing Mary Home," "New Freedom Bell," "Matterhorn," "Fox on the Run," "Legend of the Rebel Soldier," and many others) have become bluegrass standards. 

This 110-song collection on 4 CDs provides a lot more than just an affirmation of the Country Gentlemen's influence: it also provides a ton of good music and a chance to study the early careers of Charlie Waller, John Duffey, Eddie Adcock, Tom Gray, Bill Emerson, Doyle Lawson, Jimmy Gaudreau and others. Gary Reid’s extensive notes on the sessions show the traditional and contemporary influences at work that resulted in many classic performances. 

The set covers about 8 albums worth of material, from their first long play, Bringing Mary Home through their classic Award-Winning Country Gentlemen LP in 1971. There’s an almost endless list of memorable songs, like “Matterhorn,” “Two Little Boys,” “Girl from the North Country,” “Redwood Hill,” “Fox on the Run,” “New Freedom Bell,” “Little Bessie,” and many more. 

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