The Extinction Of You (Color Vinyl 12" EP)

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Format: 12" EP 
Label: Three One G 
Year: 2021 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


I) The Extinction Of You
II) Worship the Serpent
III) Magnetic Field of Dreams
IV) Personality Conflict
V) Ambush Predator
VI) The Red Queen Phenomenon
VII) Covered in Flies


Jason Hamacher
Mike Schleibaum
Blake Harrison
Peter Tsouras

Did you know Washington, DC had a bona fide punk-metal supergroup? Now you do. Features members of Frodus, Battery, CombatWoundedVeteran, Darkest Hour, Pig Destroyer, and Fairweather.  Pressed on white or gold nugget color vinyl. 

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