The Dance Of Death and Other Plantation Favorites (CD)

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Format: CD 
Label: Takoma 
Year: 1999 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


1 Wine And Roses 
2 How Long 
3 On The Banks Of The Owchita 
4 Worried Blues 
5 What The Sun Said 
6 Revelation On The Banks Of The Pawtuxent 
7 Poor Boy 
8 Variations On The Coocoo 
9 The Last Steam Engine Train 
10 Give Me Cornbread When I'm Hungry 
11 Dance Of Death 
12 Tulip (Aka When You Wore A Tulip And I Wore A Big Red Rose) 
13 Daisy (Aka A Bicycle Built For Two) 
14 The Siege Of Sevastopol 
15 Steel Guitar Rag 

Original recordings from 1964. 


John Fahey - guitar 

The finger-picking guitarist, composer, and innovator John Fahey enjoyed a long, influential and distinguished career. Born in Washington DC in 1939 and raised in Takoma Park, Maryland, he launched his own Takoma label to issue self-produced work in the late 1950s and then delivered his master's theses on the blues of Charlie Patton at UCLA. 

Then, while based in the radical town of Berkeley, California in the San Francisco Bay area, began issuing filed recordings of forgotten blues legends, such as Bukka White. With his own work, Fahey began borrowing from eastern elements such as Indonesian gamelan and Tibetan vocal chanting, reflecting his interest in esoteric eastern religion, as well as birdsong, animal calls, and other naturalistic elements. 

The Dance Of Death & Other Plantation Favorites was Fahey's third album for Takoma, recorded at Adelphi Studios, Silver Spring, MD on August 22, 1964. More than half the album's titles draw from the traditional blues and country repertoire Fahey had spent his teen years and young adulthood collecting, listening to, and learning to play, yet the recordings proved once and for all that his interests lay in musical transfigurations rather than preservation. Fahey was not afraid to use these old tunes as raw material, adapting the techniques they offer to more classical or esoterical forms. 

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