Down With Liberty… Up With Chains (CD)

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Format: CD 
Label: K Records 
Year: 2009 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


1 Chain Gang Theme (I See Progress) 
2 Cemetery Map 
3 Trash Talk 
4 Reparations 
5 What Is A Dollar? 
6 Interview With The Chain Gang 
7 Deathbed Confession 
8 Room 19 
9 (Lookin' For A) Cave Girl 
10 Unpronounceable Name 


Backing Vocals, Bass Guitar, Handclaps – Chris Sutton 
Backing Vocals, Drums – Sixx 
Backing Vocals, Drums, Electric Guitar Bass,, Handclaps, Piano, Percussion – Brett Lyman 
Backing Vocals, Drums, Percussion – Faustine Hudson 
Backing Vocals, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Organ, Piano, Percussion – Brian Weber 
Backing Vocals, Handclaps – Lizet Ortuño, Veronica Ortuño 
Backing Vocals, Handclaps, Percussion – Sarah Pedal 
Backing Vocals, Producer – Calvin Johnson 
Bass Guitar, Guitar – Karl Blau 
Double Bass – Aaron Hartman 
Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar – Arrington de Dionyso 
Electric Guitar – Nic Zwart 
Organ, Saxophone – Benjamin Hartman 
Performer – Ian Svenonius 

Ian Svenonius (Make Up, Nation of Ulysses and Weird War) calls his band Chain and the Gang. Like a true chain gang, they’re on the road to confront and defy any freedom-lovers that come across their path. 

They shuffle, manacled, across railway yards, and through graveyards; they’re on the side of the road, picking up the garbage as they walk, as people drive by, yelling at them. All they can do is become a chorus of metal meeting metal, hands hitting hands and a collective voice louder than one. 

The songs they have created on Down With Liberty … Up With Chains [KLP203] are sing-alongs; a call and response in the tradition of gospel tunes, work favorites and the girl groups and vocal aggregates that once dotted the corners of the Mid-Atlantic United States. It sounds as natural as a freak hail storm or the roar of a lion on the veldt. 

The album is cunningly constructed – like a series of tone poems or work songs; the remnants of time served, a universal debt paid to society. How do they describe their sound? Something they just found. They dug it up from the ground. Essential to that soil: guitar, drums, organ, saxophone and chants; paying off our collective debt to the universe. 

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