Flex Your Head (LP)

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Format: LP 
Label: Dischord Records 
Year: 2010 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 

A1 Teen Idles - I Drink Milk 
A2 Teen Idles - Commie Song 
A3 Teen Idles - No Fun 
A4 Untouchables - Rat Patrol 
A5 Untouchables - Nic Fit 
A6 Untouchables - I Hate You 
A7 State Of Alert - I Hate The Kids 
A8 State Of Alert - Disease 
A9 State Of Alert - Stepping Stone Party 
A10 Minor Threat - Stand Up 
A11 Minor Threat - 12XU 
A12 Government Issue - Hey Ronnie 
A13 Government Issue - Lie, Cheat & Steal 
A14 Youth Brigade - Moral Majority 
A15 Youth Brigade - Waste Of Time 
A16 Youth Brigade - Last Word 

B1 Red C - Jimi 45 
B2 Red C - Pressure's On 
B3 Red C - Six O'Clock News 
B4 Red C - Assassin 
B5 Void - Dehumanized 
B6 Void - Authority 
B7 Void - My Rules 
B8 Iron Cross - Wargames 
B9 Iron Cross - New Breed 
B10 Iron Cross - Live For Now 
B11 Artificial Peace - Artificial Peace 
B12 Artificial Peace - Outside Looking In 
B13 Artificial Peace - Suburban Wasteland 
B14 Deadline - Stolen Youth 
B15 Deadline - Hear The Cry 
B16 Deadline - Aftermath 

Originally released in 1982. 

Dischord Records assembled Flex Your Head as a way to record the many punk bands that had started up, and sometimes also ceased, in the previous years in the D.C. area. The album served as either a debut or sophomore release for every band on it except Minor Threat, for whom it was their third. 

At the time of the album's release not only had most of the bands on it already have broken up, but many had gone on to start other bands, some of those bands also appear on the album. The Teen Idles had broken up in late 1980 and by the time of the release of Flex Your Head members had already started Minor Threat and Youth Brigade. 

The Untouchables broke up in 1981 and with the former members joining a multitude of bands including The Faith, The Warmers, Rites of Spring, One Last Wish, Skewbald, Happy Go Licky, Youth Brigade, and The Meatmen. State of Alert had also folded in early 1981 as singer Henry Garfield had joined Black Flag. Minor Threat had disbanded (although they would reunite a few months after the album's release) and since then Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson had founded Skewbald while Lyle Preslar joined an early version of Big Black. 

Youth Brigade and Red C both existed solely during 1981, and both Artificial Peace and Deadline would break up within a few months of the release of Flex Your Head, aside from Youth Brigade these band's only recorded output is on the compilation, though from those bands would come the longer lasting Beefeater, Marginal Man and Fugazi. Only Government Issue and Iron Cross would survive past the next year. 

The compilation takes its title from the Minor Threat lyric shouted in the song "12XU", included on the album, originally by the English band Wire. 

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