I'm For You, I'm For Me Showcase (CD)

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Format: CD  
Label: Wackie's 
Year: 2015 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


1 Spreading All Over 
2 Spreading Dub 
3 One More Time 
4 One More Version 
5 Without Me 
6 Without Me Version 
7 It's About Time 
8 Time Version 
9 Wackie Music 
10 Wackie Version 
11 We Got To Live Better (Bonus) 
12 Too Much Religion (Bonus) 
13 Religious Dub (Bonus) 

Originally released in 1982. 


Bass – Jah T 
Bass, Guitar – Jerry Harris 
Drums – Clive Plummer, Fabian Cooke, N. Delahaye 
Engineer – Levy, Barnes, Delahaye 
Flute – Pee Wee Walters 
Graphics – Leslie A Moore 
Guitar – Tony Allen 
Horns – Jerry Johnson, Passy 
Keyboards – Clive Hunt, Owen Stewart, Steppy 
Percussion – Ras Menilik, Chosen Brothers 
Producer – Bullwackie 

Originally released in 1982, "I'm For You, I'm For Me" was the debut album from Wackie's studio stalwart musician and singer Jerry Harris. Featuring 4 of the vocal tracks from the original LP, 1 previously unreleased vocal, and 5 previously unreleased companion dub versions. The CD features three additional tracks.

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