King Scratch: Musical Masterpieces From The Upsetter Arkive (4LP + 4CD Box Set)

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Format: 4LP + 4CD Box Set
Label: Trojan
Year: 2022

Media Condition: New
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New


LPs 1 & 2: "Jungle Lion"

LP1: Shocks Of Mighty (1968-1975)
A1 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: People Funny Boy
A2 The Inspirations AKA The Untouchables: Tighten Up
A3 The Upsetters: Return Of Django
A4 Dave Barker & The Upsetters: Shocks Of Mighty
A5 Junior Byles: Place Called Africa
A6 Little Roy: All Africans aka Don't Cross The Nation (7" Mix)
A7 Junior Byles: Beat Down Babylon
B1 The Gatherers: Words Of My Mouth
B2 Prince Django: Hot Tip
B3 Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters: Jungle Lion (7" Mix)
B4 Junior Byles: Curley Locks
B5 Susan Cadogan: Hurt So Good (7" Mix)
B6 Bunny & Ricky: Bushweed Corntrash

LP2: Sufferer's Time (1975-1976)
C1 Max Romeo: Three Blind Mice
C2 King Tubby & The Upsetters: Three Times Three
C3 The Heptones: Sufferer's Time (7" Mix)
C4 Junior Dread: Sufferer's Heights (Jamaican Mix)
C5 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Roast Fish And Corn Bread (Jamaican Mix)
C6 Max Romeo: Sipple Out Deh aka War In A Babylon (Jamaican Mix)
D1 Max Romeo & Prince Jazzbo: One Step Forward / Ital Corner (12" Mix)
D2 Watty & Tony: Rise And Shine
D3 Junior Murvin & Jah Lion: Police And Thief / Soldier And Police War (12" Mix)

LPs 3 & 4: "Soul Fire"

LP 3 - Chasing The Disco Devil (1977)
E1 Peter & Paul Lewis: Ethiopia Land
E2 Max Romeo & Lee 'Scratch' Perry with The Full Experience: Chase The Devil / Disco Devil (12" Mix)
E3 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: City Too Hot (7" Mix)
E4 Augustus Pablo: Vibrate Onn
F1 Watty Burnett: Rainy Night In Portland (12" Mix)
F2 Leroy Sibbles: Garden Of Life (12" Mix)
F3 Junior Delgado: Sons Of Slaves (12" Mix)

LP4 - I Am A Madman (1977 & Beyond)
G1 Junior Murvin: Roots Train (7" Mix)
G2 Carlton Jackson: History (7" Mix)
G3 The Congos: Neckodeemus aka Nicodemus (7" Mix)
G4 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Soul Fire (Jamaican Mix)
H1 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: One Drop
H2 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: I Am A Madman (LP Mix)
H3 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Exodus (7" Mix)
H4 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Jamaican E.T. (7" Mix)

CDs 1 & 2: "Give Me Power"

CD1 - The Early Years (1968-1973)
1-1 The Mellotones: None Such Busted Me Bet (aka Sufferation)
1-2 Val Bennett & The Upsetters: Stranger On The Shore aka Popeye On The Shore
1-3 David Isaacs: A Place In The Sun
1-4 The Upsetters: Dollar In The Teeth
1-5 The Bleechers: Check Him Out
1-6 The Upsetters: A Live Injection
1-7 Dave Barker & The Upsetters: Prisoner Of Love
1-8 The Upsetters: Clint Eastwood (7" Mix)
1-9 Maxie, Niney & Scratch: Babyloose Burning aka Babylon's Burning
1-10 The Stingers: Give Me Power
1-11 Milton Henry As King Medious: This World
1-12 Jah-T: Lick The Pipe, Peter, Pt. 4
1-13 Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters: French Connection
1-14 Junior Byles: Da Da
1-15 Max Romeo: Rasta Bandwagon
1-16 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Blackman Time
1-17 Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters: Bucky Skank
1-18 Charlie Ace: Cow Thief Skank
1-19 Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters: Black IPA (aka Green Island)
1-20 Dillinger & The Upsetters: Dub Organizer
1-21 Leo Graham: News Flash
1-22 Carlton & The Shoes: Better Days
1-23 Neville Grant: Sick And Tired
1-24 Junior Byles: Rasta No Pick Pocket
1-25 Leo Graham: Black Candle

CD 2 - Black Ark Adventures Part 1 (1974-1976)
2-1 Leo Graham & Prince Jazzbo: Doctor Demand
2-2 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Stay Dread
2-3 Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace: Herb Vendor
2-4 Cynty & The Monkees: Lady Lady
2-5 Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters: Enter The Dragon (7" Mix)
2-6 Judge Winchester: Public Jestering
2-7 Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters: Cane River Rock
2-8 Susan Cadogan: Do It Baby (aka Nice And Easy) (7" Mix)
2-9 Junior Byles: The Long Way (7" Mix)
2-10 The Unforgettables: Many Are Called
2-11 Bunny Scott aka Bunny 'Rugs' Clarke: Be Thankful (For What You've Got)
2-12 Watty Burnett As King Burnett: I Man Free
2-13 Jimmy Riley: I Man Stand Still
2-14 Bunny Scott aka Bunny 'Rugs' Clarke: To Love Somebody
2-15 Jimmy Riley: Sons Of Negus
2-16 Brent Dowe: Down Here In Babylon
2-17 Bunny Scott aka Bunny 'Rugs' Clarke: Big May
2-18 Truth, Fact & Correct: Babylon Deh Pon Fire
2-19 Prince Jazzbo: Natty Pass Through Rome
2-20 Faye Bennett: Back Wey
2-21 Susan Cadogan & The Upsetters: Fever / Influenza Version
2-22 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: White Belly Rat
2-23 Max Romeo: Fire Fe The Vatican (7" Mix)
2-24 James Booms: Stop The War In A Babylon

CDs 3 & 4: "Bafflin' Smoke Signals"

CD3 - Black Ark Adventures Part 2 (1977)
3-1 The Heptones & Jah Lion: I Shall Be Released
3-2 Junior Dread: A Wah Dat
3-3 Ralston Haughton & The Ebony Sisters: Take Warning
3-4 Evan Jones: Four And Twenty Dreadlocks (12" Mix)
3-5 Keith Rowe: Groovy Situation (Jamaican Mix)
3-6 George Faith: I Forgot To Be Your Lover aka To Be A Lover (12" Mix)
3-7 Leo Graham: Voodooism
3-8 Raphael Green & Dr. Alimantado: Rasta Train
3-9 The Congos: At The Feast (Of The Passover)
3-10 Shaumark & Robinson: Wolf Out Deh
3-11 Hugh Blackwood & Dr. Alimantado: Reggae Music
3-12 Watty Burnett: Open The Gate (12" Mix)
3-13 Devon Irons & Dr. Alimantado: Vampire (12" Mix)

CD4 - Black Ark & Beyond (1977-2002)
4-1 Junior Murvin: Bad Weed (12" Mix)
4-2 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Bionic Rats (12" Mix)
4-3 Mystic I: Forward With The Orthodox
4-4 Twin Roots: Know Love (12" Mix)
4-5 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Big Neck Policeman
4-6 Lord Sassafrass & Debra Keese: Green Bay Inquest
4-7 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Free Up The Prisoners (7" Mix)
4-8 Michael Campbell aka Mikey Dread: Home Guard
4-9 Junior Murvin: Cross Over (7" Mix)
4-10 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Bafflin' Smoke Signal (7" Mix)
4-11 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: Introducing Myself
4-12 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: For Whom The Bell Tolls (7" Mix)
4-13 Lee 'Scratch' Perry: I'll Take You There (7" Mix)

The most recent effort at a retrospective of Lee Perry's musical output is the most thorough yet. It breaks down into four 2-disc compilations - a pair of double LPs and a pair of double CDs. It's an impeccable collection throughout, with plenty of deep cuts that have delighted fans and collectors for decades, sure to engage both the curious listener and the Perry obsessive.

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