Meet The Reekers (CD)

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Format: CD
Label: Sweet Breeze
Year: 2008

Media Condition: New
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New


1 Don't Call Me Flyface (1964)
2 Grindin'
3 The Girl Who Faded Away
4 What A Girl Can't Do
5 I Can't Believe
6 Open Up The Door (To Your Heart)
7 Stone Down Day
8 Like Rain
9 Bad Goodbye
10 Don't Call Me Flyface (1976)
11 Streakin' Usa
12 Bill's Big Chance
13 In Search Of Jack Cheeseboro
14 Legman Regrets
15 Mr Yates
16 Night Time Of My Lifetime


17 The Rosslyn Mountain Boys - What A Girl Can't Do
18 The Hangmen - What A Girl Can't Do
19 Nighthawks - What A Girl Can't Do
20 Lyres - What A Girl Can't Do
21 The Slickee Boys - What A Girl Can't Do
22 The Woggles - What A Girl Can't Do
23 The Maggots - What A Girl Can't Do
24 The Dirty Shames - What A Girl Can't Do


Bass Guitar – Richard Solo
Drums – Jim Daniels
Keyboards, Vocals – Mike Henley
Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar – Tom Guernsey
Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – Joe Triplett

The Reekers were a Washington DC-based rock band founded in the early 1960's. with members who went on to join bands such as The Hangmen, Grin, Claude Jones, and The Rosslyn Mountain Boys. This CD contains both their early and latter-day recorded output, plus cover versions of "What A Girl Can't Do" recorded by a number of successor DC punk and indie bands.

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