Money Money / Bull Bay Jumping (12" Disco)

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Format: 12"
Label: Wackie's
Year: 2002


A Horace Andy - Money Money (Discomix)
B Al Moodie - Bull Bay Jumping (Discomix)

Media Condition: New
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New

Produced by Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes

Originally released in 1982

On this classic 12Inch Horace Andy revisits a Bunny Lee favorite -- twin rhythm to the famous 'Cuss Cuss' -- in the opening track 'Money Money' of his wonderful 'Dance Hall Style' album for Bullwackies. This is the rougher extended mix, not available on the album: more snare, more reverb and effects, extra raw. Al Moodie's toast of the 'Money' rhythm on the B-side is carnivalesque JA travelogue, from Bull Bay to Rockfort to Harbour View, guaranteed to put a glide in your stride.

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