Promised Land Sounds - Rockin' Live Ruff N Tuff (180g LP)

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Format: LP 
Label: Dug Out 
Year: 2016 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 

A1 Yoyo 
A2 Boom A Ya 

B1 I Ya I 
B2 Non A Jah Jah Children No Cry 

Originally released in 1980 

Dug Out present Ras Michael's Promised Land Sounds, originally released in 1980. This is the untrammeled counterpart to 1974's Dadawah: free, rawly spiritual trance-music; a full-force nyabinghi freak-out. 

The drummers are headlong and rollicking, thunderous and explosive. Even more so than Dadawah, the mix is ecstatically echoey - giddily dub-wise without let-up. Ras Michael himself sings from the mountain-top, like he just don't care - at the top of his lungs, in voices, screeching like a bird - with the delirious abandonment otherwise owned in reggae by Lee Perry. 

Amongst the uncredited performances swirled into proceedings, there are squiggles of flute straight from the Upsetters song-book, the minor-key organ stabs and abstraction of electric space-jazz and sax-playing more attuned to the Headhunters than the Blazing Horns (1977) ("I Ya I" in particular is a stunning fifteen minutes.) 

This is the real thing, music without affectation - Pure reggae. Sun Ra fans should love it; anyone with ears to hear. Prepared and manufactured at Abbey Road, D&M and Pallas. Beautifully presented in rigid, old-school, tip-on sleeves, with matte-coated fronts and untreated-paper backs; 180 gram vinyl. 

These sounds are sounds of inspiration and love and culture to the universal benefit of mankind. So therefore meditate and stop hate. Very hotly recommended. 

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