Young, Gifted And Yellow (2CD + DVD)

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Format: 2CD + DVD 
Label: VP Records 
Year: 2013 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 



1 Mad Over Me 
2 Shorties 
3 Soldier Taking Over 
4 Lost Mi Love 
5 Mister Chin 
6 Mr. Wong 
7 Herbman Smuggling 
8 Eventide Fire 
9 Operation Eradication 
10 Out Of Hand 
11 Them A Fight I 
12 Death Of Barnabas 
13 King And Queen 
14 Yellowman Getting Married 
15 I'm Getting Divorced 
16 Morning Ride 
17 Night Flight 
18 Top Form 
19 Water Rock 
20 Duppy Or A Gunman 


1 Zungguzungguguzungguzeng 
2 Who Can Make The Dance Ram 
3 Quiet 
4 Bunn The Kutchie 
5 The Girl Is Mine 
6 Ram Jam Master (a.k.a. Wreck A Pum-Pum) 
7 Body Move 
8 Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt 
9 Galong Galong Galong 
10 Walking Jewelry Store 
11 Gregory Free 
12 Jah Mek Us Fi A Purpose 
13 Love Struck 
14 Rub A Dub A Play 
15 Rub And Go Down 
16 Bam Bam 
17 One Yellowman Ina The Yard 
18 Strong Mi Strong 
19 Blueberry Hill 
20 Where Is Santa Claus? 

DVD: Live At Reggae Sunsplash ’88 

1 Girl Watcher 
2 Don’t Burn It Dung 
3 Ease Up President Botha 
4 Galong Galong Galong 
5 Gal A Rush Me 
6 Mexican Divorce 
7 Reggae Calypso 

It's impossible not to root for Yellowman, and he rarely lets you down.  Many career retrospectives of his music have been released, but few if any offer the variety of collaborators, styles, and labels as this one.  It's a legit cross section of his best recorded moments ever.

Comes with a program-length (~27 minute) DVD of Yellowman performing live in Jamaica. 

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