The Sounds of DC

Move Ever Onward (LP)Move Ever Onward (LP)
Don't Just Stand There! (LP)Don't Just Stand There! (LP)
Proofs & Refutations (LP)Proofs & Refutations (LP)
Who Sent You? (LP)Who Sent You? (LP)
Vampire Vultures (Book)Vampire Vultures (Book)
Salt Of The Earth (LP)Salt Of The Earth (LP)
The Soul Searchers Salt Of The Earth (LP)
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Urban Driftwood (LP) (B-stock)Urban Driftwood (LP) (B-stock)
Yasmin WIlliams Urban Driftwood (LP) (B-stock)
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Divine Music (5LP Box Set)Divine Music (5LP Box Set)
The Dippa (Original 12" EP)The Dippa (Original 12" EP)
Drop The Bomb (Original LP)Drop The Bomb (Original LP)
Super Grit (Original 12")Super Grit (Original 12")
Tell Me Why (Original 12")Tell Me Why (Original 12")
The Manhood Project (CD)The Manhood Project (CD)
Persona (Color Vinyl LP)Persona (Color Vinyl LP)
Rock Creek Park (Color Vinyl LP)Rock Creek Park (Color Vinyl LP)
Go-Go Swing Live (Original LP)Go-Go Swing Live (Original LP)