The Sounds of DC

Love Is Yours (LP)Love Is Yours (LP)
Flasher Love Is Yours (LP)
Sale price$24.50
Saturn In The Basement (LP)Saturn In The Basement (LP)
Grippe (LP)Grippe (LP)
Jawbox Grippe (LP)
Sale price$15.00
In Pieces (LP)In Pieces (LP)
Time Is Fire In Pieces (LP)
Sale price$19.00
The Odds (Clear Vinyl LP)The Odds (Clear Vinyl LP)
Minor Threat (Blue Vinyl 12" EP)Minor Threat (Blue Vinyl 12" EP)
Beauty And The Beat (Picture Disc LP)Beauty And The Beat (Picture Disc LP)
Beauty And The Beat (LP)Beauty And The Beat (LP)
Edan Beauty And The Beat (LP)
Sale price$28.50
Laminated Skies (Color Vinyl LP)Laminated Skies (Color Vinyl LP)
First Demo (Color Vinyl LP)First Demo (Color Vinyl LP)
You're The Man (2LP)You're The Man (2LP)
Fear Fun (LP)Fear Fun (LP)
Canada's Green Highways (LP)
The Odd Tape (Limited Color Vinyl LP)The Odd Tape (Limited Color Vinyl LP)
The Bottle / Johannesburg (7")The Bottle / Johannesburg (7")
A Funky Space Reincarnation (12")