The Sounds of DC

1987 (LP)1987 (LP)
Shudder To Think 1987 (LP)
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Pussy Whipped (Color Vinyl LP)Pussy Whipped (Color Vinyl LP)
All Day (Color Vinyl LP)All Day (Color Vinyl LP)
Recorded Live On Stage (LP)Recorded Live On Stage (LP)
You're Not Alone (LP)You're Not Alone (LP)
Pink Balloons (Color Vinyl LP)Pink Balloons (Color Vinyl LP)
Sock It To Me (Original 12")Sock It To Me (Original 12")
Skillet (Original 2LP)Skillet (Original 2LP)
Life Time (Color Vinyl LP)Life Time (Color Vinyl LP)
Silt Trio: Unknown Rivers (LP)Silt Trio: Unknown Rivers (LP)
DC Groove (Original 7")DC Groove (Original 7")
Rare Vinyl (Original 2LP)Rare Vinyl (Original 2LP)
Hood Related (Original 4 x 12")
The Hop / Lock It (Original 12")The Hop / Lock It (Original 12")
The Hop / Lock It (Original 12")