DC Punk & Indie

Reject All American (LP)Reject All American (LP)
Undesirable Element (180g LP)Undesirable Element (180g LP)
It's A Long Way Down (LP)It's A Long Way Down (LP)
Subject To Change + First Demo 1981 (LP)
Imperial F. F. R. R. (Color Vinyl LP)Imperial F. F. R. R. (Color Vinyl LP)
Nites Of Midnite (Color Vinyl 12" EP)Nites Of Midnite (Color Vinyl 12" EP)
Fumble (LP)Fumble (LP)
Scream Fumble (LP)
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Holy Rollers (LP)Holy Rollers (LP)
I And I Survive (12" EP)I And I Survive (12" EP)
Of Two Minds (LP)Of Two Minds (LP)
Earth Rocker (LP)Earth Rocker (LP)
Clutch Earth Rocker (LP)
Sale price$21.00
Blast Tyrant (180g 2LP)Blast Tyrant (180g 2LP)
Into The Future (Color Vinyl LP)Into The Future (Color Vinyl LP)
Black Dots (180g LP)Black Dots (180g LP)
Sex Change (Color Vinyl LP)Sex Change (Color Vinyl LP)
Thing (LP)Thing (LP)
Trans Am Thing (LP)
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Reflection (LP)Reflection (LP)
Chalk Circle Reflection (LP)
Sale price$12.50
Bad Brains (LP)Bad Brains (LP)
Bad Brains Bad Brains (LP)
Sale price$20.00
Curious Aroma (Limited Edition LP)Curious Aroma (Limited Edition LP)