DC Go-Go

Intimate Groove (Original LP)Intimate Groove (Original LP)
Good Vs. Evil (Original 12")Good Vs. Evil (Original 12")
So What U Want? (Original 12")So What U Want? (Original 12")
Go-Hard (CD)
Junkyard Band Go-Hard (CD)
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Tilt (Original 12")Tilt (Original 12")
Search And Destroy (Original 12")
The Jungle (Original 12")The Jungle (Original 12")
I Got My Eyes On You (Original 12")
Open Your Eyes (Original 12" EP)Open Your Eyes (Original 12" EP)
Player Hater (Original 12")Player Hater (Original 12")
Hey Good Look'n (Original 12")
Sock It To Me (Original 12")Sock It To Me (Original 12")
DC Go-Go: Ten Years Backstage (Book)DC Go-Go: Ten Years Backstage (Book)