Where Is Home (CD)

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Format: CD
Label: Cuneiform Records
Year: 2012

Media Condition: New
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New

1 Big Sur
2 The Clearing
3 Leaving The Woods
4 Symphony Hills
5 Lily In The Garden
6 Auburn Road
7 Mustang Song
8 Stay With Me
9 A Viennesian Life
10 Broome's Orchard
11 Cross The Williamsburg Bridge
12 Where Will We Go
13 Finale


Cello, Loops, Electronics, Lead Vocals – Janel Leppin
Guitar, Loops, Electronics – Anthony Pirog

Both musicians, together and separately, have long been an important and active part of Washington D.C.’s new-music scene. Anthony Pirog, an omnivorous, multi-faceted guitarist who studied jazz at Berklee and has performed country, fingerstyle, rock and surf music and Janel Leppin, a conservatory trained cellist steeped in North Indian and Persian classical music, who also plays electric bass in rock bands, have created a lavishly detailed musical journey, by turns ravishing and harrowing. Janel and Anthony alternately charm and challenge, with music that draws from classical, experimental, jazz, rock and electronic traditions but that ultimately is simply theirs.

Self-recording and releasing their 1st album in 2006 and selling thousands of copies at their hundreds of shows, they spent over 3 years conceiving and recording Where Is Home in a professional, analog studio, giving the album a thoughtful, comfortable and lived in feel. Alternating compositions with brief improvisations and soundscapes, Where Is Home captures the dynamic ebb and flow of their live shows where they artfully employ live looping, an array of effects and prepared backing. Simple musical lines grow into complex blocks of echoing sound which eventually are spun and turned into elegiac melodies. The music is both experimental and elegant and smokily psychedelic in a completely modern way.

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