One Year (LP)

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Format: LP 
Label: Disciples 
Year: 2020 

Media Condition: New
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New


A1 No Threshold
A2 Push Thru
A3 Grip
A4 Damn Disco 99
A5 Faultfinder
A6 Baya Style

B1 Livin' In A Treehouse
B2 Loud Pause
B3 Thousand Miles
B4 Cheek To The Matrix
B5 No Barcode & Boundless

Otherworldly beat science from the DC underground. The heavily processed MCing of NappyNappa weaves in and out of the skewed electronics and stuttering percussion of Patrick Cain. Loosely affiliated with the Future Times crew and featuring contributions from Dolo Percussion (aka Max D).

In the duo’s own words, “a collaborative experiment in liberated sound, vision, and performance“, Model Home orbit in their own universe, with glimmers of light from distant galaxies refracted in their sound. The spirit of free improvisation pervades the tracks, a sound evolving from two artistic sensibilities bouncing off each other without a set plan and creating a third pathway to unknown worlds.

One Year compiles tracks from 8 different self-released mixtapes made during an intense initial 12 month period of musical activity that birthed the project. A Jamaican style ‘showcase’ album for these outliers from the District of Columbia.

Had cult UK label On-U Sound started today, this is the kind of stuff they would be releasing; just check the quasi-gamelan bed of “Cheek To The Matrix” or the Patrick Conway synth soundtrack through a fuzz pedal thrust of “Livin’ In A Treehouse”. McGonigal also says: “It's dubby and weird, electronics and voice -- experimental rap of interest to fans of Sleaford Mods, Roll Deep Crew, the Fall, 'Metal Box,' etc.”

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