Saturn In The Basement (LP)

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Format: LP 
Label: Disciples 
Year: 2022  

Media Condition: New
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New


A1 Pidgin
A2 Keep Pushin
A3 Couch
A4 Fly On The Wall
A5 Flase Reign
A6 Naked Intentions

B1 Yard One
B2 Big Deluge
B3 Thank U

Further collaborative experiments in liberated sound, vision, and performance. This is the second compilation of tracks drawn from the Washington DC crew's continuing series of self-released mixtapes, including an unreleased collaboration with Japanese post-punk icon Phew, plus guest appearances from Michael R Bernstein (Double Leopards/Religious Knives), and Mike Petillo (Geo Rip/Project U). The basis of the group's sound continues to be the free form FX-warped flow of MC NAPPYNAPPA and the abstracted beats and synths of Pat Cain.

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