Beat Down Babylon (Expanded Edition) (2CD)

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CD 1: Beat Down Babylon
CD 2: Dreader Sounds, 1973-1975


Format: 2CD 
Label: Doctor Bird 
Year: 2020 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 



  1. Da Da
  2. I've Got A Feeling
  3. Don't Know Why
  4. Demonstration And Protest
  5. Coming Again
  6. Beat Down Babylon
  7. A Place Called Africa
  8. Joshua's Desire
  9. A Matter Of Time
  10. Poor Chubby
  11. Come Da Da
  12. Come Da Da Version
  13. Righteous Oily
  14. Beat Down Babylon Ital Version
  15. Informer Men
  16. Outformer Version
  17. Africa Stand
  18. Education Rock
  19. King Of Babylon
  20. King Of Babylon Version
  21. Got The Tip
  22. Fever
  23. Lick The Pipe Peter
  24. Pharaoh Hiding
  25. Hail To Power
  26. Another Moses
  27. Rub Up Festival '71
  28. The Thanks We Get (First Version)


  1. Curley Locks
  2. Lock and Key
  3. Dreader Locks
  4. Miiltant Rock
  5. The Thanks We Get (Second Version)
  6. Xylophone Rock 
  7. Now Generation
  8. The Long Way
  9. Longer Way
  10. Auntie Lulu
  11. Fun And Games
  12. Motion Dub
  13. Mumbling And Grumbling
  14. King Size Mumble
  15. Cutting Razor
  16. Rasta No Pickpocket
  17. Pick Pocket Skank
  18. Pretty Baby
  19. Pretty Dub
  20. When Will Better Come
  21. The Thanks We Get (Third Version)
  22. Ungrateful Skank
  23. Curley Locks (Alt. Version) 
Originally issued in 1972, other recordings ca. 1970-1975 

An incredible collection covering the entire Upsetter catalog of Junior Byles, one of the most singular and soulful roots performers reggae music has given us. 

Released in 1972, the Junior Byles single 'Beat Down Babylon' provided one of the clearest indications to date of the impending roots sound that would soon dominate reggae. The immense popularity of the Lee 'Scratch' Perry-produced 45, both in Jamaica and the UK, swiftly prompted a best-selling long-player of the same title, issued later that year.  

Comprising ten of the singer-songwriter's recent recordings for the mighty Upsetter, the LP has since been re-issued on vinyl on a number of occasions, but has never been officially made available on CD until now. Now, at long last, "Beat Down Babylon" does finally make it onto the format, with the original track-listing bolstered by the remainder of Byles' released work for Perry, which includes numerous Jamaican hits, most notably the 1974 smash, 'Curley Locks'. 

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