Life Of Contradiction (LP)

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Format: LP 
Label: Pressure Sounds 
Year: 2023  
Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 

A1 Come On Home 
A2 Got To Take A Way 
A3 Wake Up And Live 
A4 Life Of Contradiction 
A5 Who Brought Down The Curtains 

B1 There's A Reward 
B2 Hard Times Don't Bother Me 
B3 My Baby Still Loves Me 
B4 She Was The One 
B5 Song My Enemy Sings 

Originally released in 1975, recorded in 1972.  


Bass – Val Douglas 
Drums – Mickey "Boo" Richards 
Keyboards – Earl "Wire" Lindo, Robbie Lynn 
Lead Guitar – Eric Gale, Mickey Chung  
Rhythm Guitar – Geoffrey Chung, Joe Higgs 
Vocals, Arranged By, Producer – Joe Higgs 

Joe Higgs' "Life Of Contradiction" is a unique collection coming from a completely different direction than the other reggae releases of the period, seemingly plotted to endure beyond its place and time. 

Pure in its Jamaican-ness, but it's not skinhead reggae, nor roots reggae or lovers rock.  While it lacks the rude boy swagger of Jimmy Cliff or the dank intensity of Keith Hudson, it ranks with the finest work of those reggae auteurs in its perfection of personal and musical expression. 

With the jazz tinged guitar of Eric Gale and top drawer musicians including Earl ‘Wire’ Lindo, Mikey Chung and Val Douglas, it was clearly a very song-orientated album and titles such as "There’s A Reward" and "Song My Enemy Sings" bristle with ingenuity, word play and heartfelt conviction.  The man who coached some of Jamaica's finest singers and vocal groups in phrasing, technique, and harmony displays his own talents impeccably on both lead and harmony vocals. 

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