Amateur On Plastic: The Butch Willis Movie (DVD)

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Format: DVD (NTSC) 
Label: Teen Beat 
Year: 2020 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 

A documentary film focusing on DC-area rock'n'roll musician and songwriter, Butch Willis. He and his band The Rocks took the city by storm in the mid-1980s. The band also featured guitarists Ray Wallace and Dean X and the wildly engaging throat guitarist Al Breon.

Amateur on Plastic also parallels the 1990's era of the DC-bred indie label Teen-Beat. Behind-the-scenes glimpses at the label's concerts and private parties provide much of the background and feature members of the bands Unrest, Versus, Tuscadero and more.

Directed by Mark Robinson.
Run Time: approx. 80 minutes.

Cast (In Order Of Appearance):
Logan Perkins
Byron Henry "Butch" Willis
Joe Lee
Nancy Marion
Amanda Riecken
Al Breon
Ron "Blelvis" Wooten
Ray Wallace
Dean "Dean X" Evangelista
Jonathan "Cap'n Jon" Curlin
Jeff Mentges
Steve Lorber
Dick Bangham
Pat Carroll
John Heyn
Florence Willis
Phil Milstein
Ken Rudd
Keith Waldron
Curtis Lafley
Foster "Root Boy Slim" MacKenzie III
Adele Abrams
Karl Straub
Mark Robinson
Chris Callahan
Miguel Gomez
John Lindaman
Johanna Bauman
Pat Ramos
James Baluyut
Stuart Chandler
Alice Despard
Natalie Mencinsky
Tom Krauth
Charlotte Moore
Lili Schalder
Mat Lewis
Rob Christiansen
Jonny Cohen
Lauren Feldsher
Michelle Tiger
Jenny Toomey
Andrew Beaujon
Dave Park
Melanie Park
Karen Carmody
Alec Bourgeois
Margaret McCartney
Ben Currier
Gabriel Stout
Dan Morrissey
Evelyn Hurley
Phil Krauth
Ken Arneson
Bridget Cross
Matt Datesman
Ginger Brooks
Brendan Canty
Kathi Wilcox
Guy Picciotto
Phil Satlof
Jeffrey Rotter
Missy Farris
Monique Lavie
Ed Baluyut
Dina Passman
John Masters
Juliet Swango
Karl Hendricks
Brian Welcker
Christina Billotte
Delia Gonzalez
Richard "Dick" Dudley
Jeff Gramm
Fred Kovey
Ginger Crockett
Rose Li
Paige Smith
Greg Allen
Ann Ramos
Christian Goodwillie
Marc Masters
Jack Hornady
Sam Janotta
Erin Smith
Robin Hurley
Todd Kshake Massey
Don Smith
James Gordon Meek
Trevor Kampmann
Lawrence McDonald
Fontaine Toups
Kim Arnold
Concetta Princess Superstar Kirschner
Michael Anzalone
William Berger
James Kavousi
Richard Baluyut
James Noble
Doug Bailey
Allison Rigo
Phil Sweeney
Tony Zanella
Hershal Shevade
Jonah Rainey
Pete Biby
Gene Romanovsky
Ian MacKaye
Scott DeSimon
Evan Shurak
Gibby Haynes
Steve Kiviat
Jeff Krulik
Oakley Munson
Cory Shane
Darian Zahedi
Jonathan Marx
Yalan Papillons
Duane Straub
Margaret McGowen
Ian Jones
Jeannine Durfee
Greg Pavlovcak
John Cook
James Tritten
Tracy Shedd

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