Blowoff (CD)

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Format: CD 
Label: Fulll Frequency 
Year: 2006 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


1 Hormone Love 
2 Here And Now 
3 Overload 
4 Saturday Night All The Time 
5 Life With A View 
6 Man Keeps Winning 
7 Lemonade 
8 Tag It 
9 Fallout 
10 Get Inside With Me 
11 Beautiful 
12 Ballad Of Mark Dirt 


Bob Mould, Richard Morel 

Bob Mould's second foray into electronica and dance music, and the first of Mould's Washington, DC period (roughly 2004-2012). Mould, along with local eternal and universal musical collaborator Richard Morel, hosted a frequent dance party at the 9:30 club under the banner of "Blowoff", and this album grew out of that partnership.

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