Cidade Da Selva (Limited Edition Gatefold LP)

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Format: LP
Label: Electric Cowbell Records
Year: 2023

Media Condition: New
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New


A1 Recordaçāo / Recollection
A2 A Junçāo / The Junction
A3 Busca / Pursuit
A4 Onde Eles Estāo / Where They Are
A5 Um Olhar Dentro De Vocé / One Look Inside You
A6 Dança Das Cadeiras / Musical Chairs
A7 Bebidas Frias, Noites Quentes/ Cold Drinks Hot Nights
A8 Interlúdio / Interlude

B1 Milho Frio Da Rachadura De Pedra / Stone Cold Crack Corn
B2 Danca Em Circulo / Circle Dance
B3 Fora Das Sombras / Outside The Shadows
B4 Pegue! / Get It!
B5 Vôo Mecânico Dentro Do Vento / Mechanical Flight Into The Wind
B6 Segundo Tiro / Second Shot
B7 Apanhador De Sonhos / Dream Catcher
B8 Madrugada Enjaulada / Caged Dawn

Fachada (Rob Smith)
Ty Hussell
Adrian Baxter
Swamp Guinee
Charles Road
Mer Boel

Departing from his acclaimed debut "Mundos Secretos," Fachada sets new tones, delving deeper into the afro-noir diaspora, re-interpreting soul, funk, afro, Brazilian and deep jazz. Each tune is a vignette examining and immersing into the margins of imagination and magic. This album goes on a journey of retrospection through multicultural and site specific sounds; evoking visions and the spirit of a time and place in a mysterious jungle city.

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