Accelerator (Limited Edition Color Vinyl LP)

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Format: LP 
Label: Fat Possum 
Year: 2019 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 

Limited edition LP on pink vinyl. 


A1 I'm Ready 
A2 Yellow Kid 
A3 The Banana Question 
A4 Another Year 
A5 Juicy, Juicy, Juice 

B1 Liar 
B2 New Bones 
B3 Follow The Winner 
B4 Stevie (For Steven S.) 

Originally released in 1998 


Neil Hagerty, Jennifer Herrema 

Accelerator captures Royal Trux - Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema - at their most high-octane rock and roll direct. Garnering renewed critical acclaim its primitive riffing proved highly influential and helped clear the ground for the turn of the century rock renaissance. 

A record that always sounded ahead of its time as much as an historically accurate walk down memory lane, Accelerator is a truly remarkable sounding release. Hagerty explains how its unique sound was created: "We played a record we liked through a spectrum analyzer and captured the EQ shape and then applied that to the finished track. For example "I'm Ready" ran through the Archie's "Sugar, Sugar" filter and so on." 

But all of this production would be nothing without 9 songs, each with pure exhilaration at its core; huge riffs, pounding drum tracks, choruses that everyone is compelled to sing along with, and even odes to Steven Seagal; brains and brawn all in one package! 

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