Essential Artist Collection: The Maytals (Color Vinyl 2LP)

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Format: 2LP 
Label: Trojan Records 
Year: 2023

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


A1 54-46 Was My Number
A2 Night And Day
A3 One Eye Enos
A4 Bim Today - Bam Tomorrow
A5 She's My Scorcher
A6 Peeping Tom
A7 Struggle

B1 Monkey Man
B2 Never You Change
B3 Don't Trouble Trouble
B4 School Days
B5 Johnny Cool Man
B6 Reborn
B7 Pressure Drop

C1 Sweet And Dandy
C2 Walk With Love
C3 Water Melon
C4 African Doctor
C5 It Must Be True Love
C6 Scare Him
C7 We Shall Overcome

D1 Do The Reggay
D2 It's You (Reggae Version)
D3 Just Tell Me
D4 Alidina
D5 Monkey Girl
D6 Oh Yea
D7 54-46 That's My Number

Recordings ca. 1966-1970. The edition pressed on translucent yellow vinyl.

Retaining the soulful, joyful kineticism of the group's early ska and gospel roots and adding a fearless approach to melody, harmony, and rhythm that would help define reggae music for decades to come--not to mention the leadership of one of the greatest frontmen the world has ever known--this is peak Maytals.  Really nice selection from Trojan.  

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