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Format: LP 
Label: LG Records 
Year: 2023 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


A1 Surrounded
A2 Bad Man
A3 Not Again
A4 Surprise Goodbye
A5 Dead Radio Sound

B1 Ransom
B2 Big Eyed Man
B3 Solar System
B4 Life Preserver
B5 Just About Buried

Previously unreleased - recordings from 1993 + 1994.

Chris Thomson
Doug Birdzell
Jerry Busher
Jon Kirschten

Las Mordidas were a short-lived Washington DC band that existed from Summer 1993 through Spring 1994. The band was comprised of four well-known veterans from the DC punk community: Chris Thomson (Circus Lupus, Monorchid, Ignition); Dug E. Bird (Beefeater, All-Scars, Fidelity Jones); Jon K. (Rain, Chrisbald 96); and Jerry Busher (Fugazi, All- Scars, Fidelity Jones).

Circus Lupus and Monorchid that bookended Las Mordidas received more exposure, but Las Mordidas were no less audacious and uncategorizable. The familiar DC rhythm section of Bird and Busher here are augmented by the unhinged guitar talent of the relatively obscure Jon K. (Kirschten, younger brother of musician Chris “Bald” Kirschten). Jon was a revered, integral character in the DC scene and played in many well-known bands, yet he appeared on scant few recordings.

To fans of the late ’80s and early ’90s DC scene, this record is an artifact that it arrives out of the blue and demands an ear. A Frankenstein collaboration that both defies and embodies the DC sound of the era.

Recorded by Geoff Turner at WGNS in 1993 and Brendan Canty at Pirate House in 1994. Tapes recovered by Jerry Busher and transferred by Ian Mackaye and Don Godwyn. Mastered by Tim Green at Louder. Studios, CA.

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