Freedom, Rhythm & Sound: Revolutionary Jazz Cover Art 1965-83 (Book)

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About the Author:

Giles Peterson is a French broadcaster, DJ, producer, and record label owner who has played a pivotal role in promoting and globalizing jazz, hip-hop, latin and electronica styles. He is the founder of the Acid Jazz and Brownswood Recording labels. Stuart Baker is the founder of the venerable UK-based Soul Jazz Records label and Sounds Of The Universe shop.


Format: Flex Cover Book, 12" x 12", 180pp
Label: Soul Jazz Books 
Year: 2023 
Condition: New 
Originally published in 2009.

This is a unique collection of cover artwork of revolutionary jazz music between 1965-83. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and the civil rights movement of the 1960s loom large as self-determination, economic power and musical freedom led to jazz artists finding new paths – both musical and economic.

Years before the D-I-Y cultural revolution of punk, Sun Ra, John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, Lloyd McNeill and others ‘took control’ of their own work by recording, releasing and distributing their own music themselves.

The record sleeves of this era are as iconic and historically unique as the music itself and a striking reflection of the time; pre-desktop publishing, pre-internet these small-run (sometimes as low as 500 copies), self-made sleeves are graphically bold and radical.

‘Freedom, Rhythm and Sound’ is the first ever collection of this fascinating goldmine of album art, which represents the first wave of inspired independent production within popular music.

‘Freedom, Rhythm and Sound’ includes a large introduction contextualising the music and artwork as well as features on many of the people involved. Alongside the musicians mentioned above these include Rashied Ali, Steve Reid, Mary Lou Williams, Horace Tapscott, Tribe, The Last Poets, The Pharoahs, Philip Cohran, Black Artists Group and many others.

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