Grey - Black - Green (LP)

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Format: LP
Label: Feeding Tube Records
Year: 2015

Media Condition: New
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New


A1 Grey (Take One)
A2 Grey (Take Two)
A4 Grey (Take Three)
A4 Black (Take Four)

B1 Black (Take Five)
B2 Black (Take Six)
B3 Green (Take Seven)
B4 Green (Take Eight)
B5 Green (Take Nine)

Originally released in 2011.

Among Daniel Bachman's earliest releases under his own name, originally recorded on a portable tape deck, and based on the color-wheel tuning system developed by Robbie Basho.

The music suggests deep investigation and improvisation, which gives this album a sense of spirituality one rarely finds outside the New Age bin.

Bachman is a master player, and the evidence of this is apparent even at this relatively early stage of his trajectory. Daniel's music has evolved in multiple directions over the intervening years, but Grey-Black-Green remains one of the true and unique high watermarks of his recordings.

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