High Stakes Sampling Symphony Orchestra (CD)

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Format: CD 
Label: Listen Vision Records 
Year: 2006 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 

NB: this CD is manufactured at multiple plants; packaging inserts may vary. 


1 All of a Sudden 
2 Morocco 
3 Occidental 
4 Trolls 
5 Vulcan Princess 
6 Gypsy 
7 Revenge 
8 Be On Your Way 
9 Kordova 
10 Looking For People 
11 Today's Lesson 
12 Rock Cold Rock 
13 I'm No Angel 
14 Quiet Quords 
15 Before It Is Time to Go 

Beat driven, exotic lounge music in the vein of Thievery Corporation, Moby, and Ninja Tune. 

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