The Reflecting Sea - Instrumental Version (Color Vinyl LP)

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Format: LP 
Label: Redefinition Records 
Year: 2019 
Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


A1 Dawn 
A2 Zodiac 
A3 Freedom Funk Chant 
A4 Free Radicle 
A5 Master Plan 

B1 Think Back 
B2 Calling 
B3 Raw Poetic's Motif 

The highly anticipated instrumental component to Damu the Fudgemunk and Raw Poetic's Dec. 2017 album, "The Reflecting Sea: Welcome to a New Philosophy" is finally being released on vinyl. Beautifully packaged with it's own new cover art and on colored vinyl, collectors expectations are sure to be impressed. In it's entirety, the multi genre fusing and palette expanding art exhibition is available in high fidelity stereo. 

Produced exclusively by the artists, the instrumental album "The Reflecting Sea" revisits sonic textures of yesteryear and combined with their own distinct ears for music, create something uniquely foreign for the music world in our time. Experience a pioneering journey complements of hip hop's most progressive minds. 

Although known primarily as hip hop acts, both Damu and Raw P stretched out to expand what the genre is known for. The combination of elements from the mix of live instrumentation, improvisation and sampling to the range of styles including jazz, fusion, rock, electronic and soul make The Reflecting Sea unlike anything else.  

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