Love In High Demand (LP)

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Format: LP 
Label: Sister Polygon Records 
Year: 2020 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


A1 Gold 
A2 Elastic 
A3 Touch Upon Touch 

B1 X2 
B2 The Void 
B3 Breathing Underwater 
B4 Wanna Let Me Know 
B5 No Fun 


Too Free are: Awad Bilal, Carson Cox, Don Godwin 
Guitar: G.L. Jaguar 
Voice: Katie Alice Greer 

Identity is a strange and magnificent thing - and when people are given the chance to be their truest, most honest selves - possibilities seem infinite. Too Free is born of the most innate curiosity in Awad Bilal, Carson Cox, and Don Godwin - their only mission is a desire to connect. 

Drawing on the power of movement and improvisation, each track provides an empathetic space for the listener. Their debut album, Love in High Demand is a continuous refinement of the virtue of motion - each composition rooted in propulsive energy that envelops. Washington, DC is a city built of powerful rhythm and kinetic motion - and plenty of variety in terrain for it's compact size. Bursts of lush forest line cross-city parkways as it cradles the intersection of the Anacostia and Potomac. Too Free taps into the same primitive and intrinsic sensibilities that shape their landscape. 

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