Musicism Dub (2LP)

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Format: 2LP
Label: Pressure Sounds
Year: 2023

Media Condition: New
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New


A1 Armagideon War Dub
A2 The Greatest Love Dub
A3 Baby Come On Dub
A4 Why Do You Idle Dub

B1 She’s Gone Dub
B2 Feeling Is Right Dub
B3 Don’t Fight The Man Dub
B4 Troubled World Dub

C1 It's Alright Dub
C2 No Malice Me Chalice Dub
C3 Song Of My Mother Dub
C4 Them A Fight Dub

D1 Secret Admirer Dub
D2 I Love You So Dub
D3 Nobody Wants To Die Dub
D4 You'll Never Know Dub

Originally released in 1983.

Drums – Mikey “Boo” Richards, Paul Douglas
Bass – Aston “Family Man” Barrett, Val Douglas
Guitar – Mikey Chung, Willie Lindo, Lennox Gordon, Carl Harvey
Keyboards – Robbie Lyn, Leslie Butler, Geoffrey Chung
Horns – Arnold Brackenridge, Ronald “Nambo” Robinson, David Madden, Dean Fraser
Producers – Karl Pitterson, Steven Stanley, Herman Chin Loy, Mervyn Williams

“Musicism is because you have socialism, communism and capitalism, so I thought Musicism would be a good thing to forge people together, to stop them yelling at each other and murdering each other. I thought it would be a good place for everybody to come together. "Then I started a little thing down by Trenchtown there, where I was getting people from Rema and from Jungle to get together, but it mashed up in a little while because in the heat of the moment the guns would bark, and for the sake of my life I opted out of that, you know. "But Musicism was a thought, so I continued to have an album called Musicism, and you’re talking about people like Linval Thompson, Sugar Minott. I was saying to the people of Jamaica, let’s not vote JLP, let’s not vote PNP, let it be that Musicism is a place where it’s not politics, and where people can talk to each other, so Musicism was birthed out of that. "So we had all sorts of things going on with the Musicism label, and I would put an album with the vocal and then have another album with the dub, because I was into business, I was into making money, but what drives me into the music was the music itself, because I really love the music.” --Herman Chin-Loy

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