Old Friends (LP)

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Format: LP 
Label: Lovitt Records 
Year: 2011 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


A1 Yellow Hall 
A2 Chance 
A3 Good Dirt 
A4 In A Well 
A5 Night At The Johnstown Flood 
A6 I'll Wait With You 

B1 Penny On My Deathbed 
B2 A Weird Glow 
B3 Admit 
B4 Old Friends 
B5 January Song 
B6 Pals 


Bass – Widman 
Drums – Eric 
Guitar – Prophet 
Guitar, Vocals, Organ, Piano – Johnny 
Piano, Vocals – Aimée 
Vocals, Guitar – Cru 

Acoustic strums, beautiful vocal harmonies, pianos, keyboards, and swelling ambient noise- not the kind of music one might assume would come from a band made up of veteran punk musicians, on a veteran punk record label. 

They’re following a path that many punks seem to follow as the years go on; The need for quiet, the need for space, for reflection and introspection, but the same amount of need for honesty, passion and expression. These feelings get put into something tangible in an old farmhouse near a far out Washington D.C. suburb, where Pygmy Lush live, write and practice, tucked away .They’ve tried to carve out a niche of solace in the middle of endless sameness, a place where they can stand. 

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