Punk the Capital: Building a Sound Movement (DVD)

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Format: DVD (NTSC, All Regions)
Label: PTC 
Year: 2021 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 

“Punk the Capital: Building a Sound Movement” explores the birth of punk rock in Washington DC (1976-1983). When punk rock emerged against all odds in the Nation’s Capital, it was a mighty convergence of powerful music, deep friendships, and clear minds. It was in fact an unlikely place but the perfect time.  

Situating this punk subculture within the larger narratives of rock ’n’ roll, this documentary builds a multi-layered story, fueled by a trove of Super-8 footage. Featuring musicians such as Ian MacKaye, HR, Henry Rollins, Joe Keithley, and Jello Biafra, this film dives deep into the ideas and sounds from this transformative music scene which continues its cultural and political influence around the world.  

The DVD also contains 4 short bonus films:
--Void and friends
--Scream meets The Hangmen
--The Seminal WGTB Concert
--The Slickee Boys

A film by Paul Bishow, Sam Lavine, James June Schneider.

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