Revelation (LP + CD)

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Format: LP + CD
Label: Megawave
Year: 2010

Media Condition: New
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New


LP Version:
A1 Revelation Revolution And Evolution
A2 Used To Drive A Tractor In Negrille
A3 Fire Power
A4 Scary Politicians
B1 Let There Be Light
B2 Books Of Moses
B3 Money Come And Money Go
B4 Freaky Michael
B5 An Eye For An Eye

CD Version:
C1 Revelation Revolution And Evolution
C2 Used To Drive A Tractor In Negrille
C3 Fire Power
C4 Holy Angels
C5 Scary Politicians
C6 Let There Be Light
C7 Books Of Moses
C8 Money Come And Money Go
C9 Psalm
C10 Run For Cover
C11 Freaky Michael
C12 Weatherman
C13 An Eye For An Eye

Includes both LP and CD versions.

Lee Perry, John Saxon.
Guest appearances by George Clinton and Keith Richards.

It's fair to say collaborators Lee Perry and John Saxon had an uneven record, but with "Revelation", they just nailed it. Perhaps it was the comforts of the then-75-year-old Lee Perry's home studio in the Swiss Alps. Guest stars and fellow seniors George Clinton and Keith Richards put in honest shifts, lending gravitas, not gimmickry. The LP recalls some of the best of Perry's work with Mad Professor and hints of Adrian Sherwood, with the vibe just a bit more subdued.

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