Shrine: The Rarest Soul Label, Volume 2 (CD)

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Format: CD 
Label: Kent Records UK 
Year: 2000 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


1 The Prophets - If I Had (One Gold Piece) 
2 Bobby Reed - Caldonia Brown 
3 The Enjoyables - Shame 
4 The DC Blossoms - Hey Boy 
5 Bobby Reed - Baby Don't Leave Me 
6 The Cautions - No Other Way 
7 Ray Pollard - This Time (I'm Gonna Be True) 
8 Sidney Hall - I'm A Lover 
9 The Wisemen - I Wouldn't Mind Crying 
10 The Epsilons - Mad At The World 
11 Leroy Taylor & The Four Kays - I Ain't Worried About You 
12 Jimmy Armstrong - I Believe I'll Love On 
13 The Cairos - Don't Fight It 
14 The Cautions - Take A Look At Your Baby 
15 J.D. Bryant - Walk On In 
16 Eddie Daye & The 4 Bars - What Am I Gonna Do 
17 Bill Dennis - Poor Little Fool 
18 The Cautions - Poor Loser 
19 The DC Blossoms - This Is Your Last Chance 
20 Shirley Edwards - It's Your Love 
21 The Epsilons - It's All Right 
22 The Cautions - Is It Right 
23 Les Chansonettes - Deeper 
24 The Counts - Peaches Baby 

Shrine Records was an American soul and R&B record label based in Washington, D.C. It was founded in 1964 by its primary songwriter Eddie Singleton and his wife, Raynoma Gordy Singleton (who had also founded Motown with her then-husband, Berry Gordy). Its headquarters was a townhouse located at 3 Thomas Circle NW within Washington, D.C. 

From 1964 to 1967, Shrine released a total of twenty vinyl 45 singles comprising forty different tracks. However, none of the Shrine singles were significant hits, and the label ceased operations in 1967. Shrine's stock of unsold records was destroyed in a warehouse fire in the 1968 King assassination riots. As a result, very few Shrine records remain today and are highly sought-after by collectors. 

This CD collects both originally released and previously unreleased Shrine material. 

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