Supernatural Strategies For Making A Rock 'N' Roll Group (Book)

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About the Author:

If the conception of a human being typically entails a more or less random meeting of reproductive cells, the story of Svenonius surely began with a pair of gametes who elbowed and shimmied their way to the front of the pack.

A type-O-positive universal frontman, Svenonius has led such memorably iconoclastic, critically-revered bands as Nation of Ulysses, Chain And The Gang, Weird War, the Make Up, and most recently, Too Much.


Format: Book  
Label: Akashic  
Year: 2013 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 

Ian F. Svenonius's experience as an iconic underground rock musician--playing in such highly influential and revolutionary outfits as The Make-Up and The Nation of Ulysses--gives him special insight on techniques for not only starting but also surviving a rock 'n' roll group. 

Therefore, he's written an instructional guide, which doubles as a warning device, a philosophical text, an exercise in terror, an aerobics manual, and a coloring book. 

This volume features essays (and black-and-white illustrations) on everything the would-be star should know to get started, such as Sex, Drugs, Sound, Group Photo, The Van, and Manufacturing Nostalgia. Supernatural Strategies will serve as an indispensable guide for a new generation just aching to boogie. 

"Like its author, Supernatural Strategies is part tongue-in-cheek, part deadly serious--a satire of rock's consumerist origins but also a thoughtful treatise on what it means to devote yourself to a collective...Drawing from the wisdom of rock 'n' roll's most famous ghosts, Svenonius' advice ranges from hilarious to cryptic to surprisingly useful." --Pitchfork 

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