The Conny Plank Session (Color Vinyl LP)

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Format: LP
Label: Grönland Records
Year: 2015

Media Condition: New
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New


A1 Alerado (Take 1)
A2 Alerado (Take 2)
A3 Alerado (Take 3)

B1 Afrique (Take 1)
B2 Afrique (Take 2)
B3 Afrique (Take 3 / Vocal Version)

Recorded in 1970, previously unreleased. This edition pressed on yellow vinyl.

"The music of Duke Ellington is – in my worldview – to jazz what Bach’s oeuvre is to classical music: THE great benchmark, or – to raise it up onto an even higher pedestal – the Old Testament, the alpha and omega. With both Bach and Ellington, you can sit down at a piano simply to go through it building chords and something great always happens. This music is so rich, and it is virtually indestructible." --Henrik von Holtum

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