The Sweet Sound Of Cocoa Tea (2LP)

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Format: 2LP 
Label: 17 North Parade 
Year: 2008 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


A1 Lost My Sonia
A2 Rocking Dolly
A3 Children Of The Ghetto
A4 Hey Bobby
A5 Come Again
A6 Tune In
A7 All Night Saturday Night

B1 Young Lover
B2 Lonesome Side
B3 Love Me
B4 Who She Love
B5 Pirate's Anthem
B6 The Going Is Rough
B7 Riker's Island

C1 Good Life
C2 Too Young
C3 She Loves Me Now
C4 No Threat
C5 We Do The Killing
C6 Come Love Me
C7 Holy Mount Zion

D1 Heathen
D2 Israel's King
D3 Hurry Up And Come
D4 Rough Inna Town
D5 Mr. Neck Tie Man
D6 Zeeks
D7 Tek Whey Yu Gal

Comprehensive and very solid collection from this longtime favorite Jamaican entertainer. Classic rubadub, digi, and dancehall riddims and always-energetic vocal performances.

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