There Is Nothing Left To Lose (2LP)

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Format: 2LP 
Label: RCA 
Year: 2015 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


A1 Stacked Actors
A2 Breakout
A3 Learn To Fly

B1 Gimme Stitches
B2 Generator
B3 Aurora

C1 Live-In Skin
C2 Next Year
C3 Headwires

D1 Ain't It The Life
D2 M.I.A.

Originally released in 1999.

Dave Grohl – vocals, guitars, drums, electronics
Nate Mendel – bass
Taylor Hawkins – drums

Former Scream drummer Dave Grohl returned home to Northern Virginia after a tumultuous year in the belly of the music industry beast, bought a house, and built a basement recording studio, where he and his two remaining bandmates recorded "There Is Nothing Left To Lose", at leisure and free of record label oversight. It proved to be a productive sabbatical, earning Foo Fighters their first Grammy award and ushering in 25 more years of rock n roll superstardom.

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