Trojan Records Jamaican R&B/Blues Volume 1 (LP)

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Format: LP
Label: Trojan Records 
Year: 2015 

Media Condition: New
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New


A1 Laurel Aitken & The Caribs: Boogie In My Bones
A2 Derrick Morgan: Forward March
A3 Roy & Millie: We'll Meet
A4 The Jiving Juniors: Sugar Dandy
A5 Owen Gray & The Caribs: Jenny Lee
A6 Roland Alphonso: Back Beat

B1 Desmond Dekker: Honour Your Mother And Father
B2 Derrick And Patsy: Let The Good Times Roll
B3 Drumbago & His Band: Duck Soup
B4 The Melody Enchanters: Oh Ma, Oh Pa
B5 Owen Gray: Darling Patricia
B6 Keith & Enid: Worried Over You

Before the advent of ska, Jamaica rocked to a sound variously known as Jamaican Blues, Shuffle, Jamaican R&B, or Blue Beat.

Influenced by the recordings of U.S. musicians such as Rosco Gordon and Fats Domino, the style emphasized the off-beat and laid foundations for the uniquely Jamaican ska sound of the early days of the nation's independence.

This collection brings together a dozen of the most influential tracks from this largely overlooked period, when the modern Jamaican recording industry was still in its infancy.

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