Watch How The People Dancing: Unity Sounds From The London Dancehall (2LP)

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Format: 2LP 
Label: Honest Jon's 
Year: 2010 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 


A1 Selah Collins - Pick A Sound 
A2 Selah Collins - Pick A Sound (Version) 
A3 Mikey Murka - We Try 
A4 Mikey Murka - We Try (Version) 
A5 Errol Bellot - What A Wonderful Feeling 

B1 Kenny Knots - Watch How The People Dancing 
B2 Richie Davis - Lean Boot 
B3 Richie Davis - Lean Boot (Version) 
B4 Peter Bouncer - Ready For The Dancehall Tonight 
B5 Peter Bouncer - Ready For The Dancehall Tonight (Version) 

C1 Richie Davis - You Ha Fe Cool 
C2 Richie Davis - You Ha Fe Cool (Version) 
C3 Kenny Knots - Ring My Number 
C4 Kenny Knots - Ring My Number (Version) 
C5 Mikey Murka - Back Your Automatic 

D1 Mikey Murka - Control The Dancehall 
D2 Mikey Murka - Control The Dancehall (Version) 
D3 Jack Wilson & Demon Rockers - Chuck It 
D4 Mikey Murka - Ride The Rhythm 
D5 Mikey Murka - Ride The Rhythm (Version) 
D6 Kenny Knots - Run Come Call Me 

Originally released in 2002, recordings from 1986-1989 

Brilliant, haughty Jamaican avant‐gardism, inspired by Jammy's Sleng Teng explosion, rearing up at a Hackney crossroads in north East London, and facing down techno, hip-hop, breakbeat and rave. Staggering, exhilarating reggae music made by soundmen on a Casio and a drum machine, in a room over Eddie Regal's record shop. 

Presented as a next‐generation companion to London Is The Place For Me, the mood is more defiant -- a Jamaican secession from London -- with themes of inner‐city sufferation running alongside hymns to the dancehall and the herb superb. 

"There's a whole heap of stuff that we did at that time, different even to the music, that we didn't really know what we were doing, we just done it. This feeling on the records, we did that with everything we did, it was just the vibes that we were carrying then, it was all about one massive vibe. Even with the sound, we weren't going to choose something that somebody else did, we definitely was going to choose something that somebody else didn't use. We wanted to go out there and say, Yeah, this is the wickedest thing, everyone has to know, and nobody else can't tell we no different. We pushed it that way, we carried on that way." 

Artists include: Selah Collins, Mikey Murka, Errol Bellot, Kenny Knots, Richie Davis, Peter Bouncer, Richie Davis, and Jack Wilson And Demon Rockers. With full color insert.

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