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Black Dots (180g LP)Black Dots (180g LP)
Dance Hall Style (LP)Dance Hall Style (LP)
Two Is One (180g LP)Two Is One (180g LP)
Steady Diet of Nothing (Color Vinyl LP)Steady Diet of Nothing (Color Vinyl LP)
In On The Kill Taker (Color Vinyl LP)In On The Kill Taker (Color Vinyl LP)
Repeater (Color Vinyl LP)Repeater (Color Vinyl LP)
Instrument Soundtrack (LP)Instrument Soundtrack (LP)
One Life To Live (LP)One Life To Live (LP)
Bad Brains (LP)Bad Brains (LP)
Bad Brains Bad Brains (LP)
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War Ina Babylon (Color Vinyl LP)War Ina Babylon (Color Vinyl LP)
Red Medicine (Color Vinyl LP)Red Medicine (Color Vinyl LP)
Throbblehead: HR from Bad BrainsThrobblehead: HR from Bad Brains
Rarities From The Vault (LP)Rarities From The Vault (LP)