Chuck Brown

Greatest Hits: Back It On Up (3LP)
We're About The Business (CD)We're About The Business (CD)
Block Party / Funky Get Down (12")Block Party / Funky Get Down (12")
Salt Of The Earth (LP)Salt Of The Earth (LP)
Funk Express (CD)Funk Express (CD)
Chuck Brown Funk Express (CD)
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We The People (LP)We The People (LP)
We The People (CD)We The People (CD)
Beautiful Life (CD)Beautiful Life (CD)
Timeless (CD)Timeless (CD)
Chuck Brown Timeless (CD)
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Bustin' Loose (CD)Bustin' Loose (CD)
That'll Work (2001) (12")That'll Work (2001) (12")
Hoochie Coochie Man (Original 12")
Day-O (Original 12")
Bustin' Loose (Original 12")
Bustin' Loose  (Original 12")
Go-Go Crankin' (CD)Go-Go Crankin' (CD)