By Special Request... The Very Best Of Chuck Brown (2CD)

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CD 1:

CD 2:


Format: 2CD 
Label: Raw Venture 
Year: 2018 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 

Disc 1: 

  1. Here You Go Again / Whatever You Do (Live) 
  2. Harlem Nocturne (Live) 
  3. It Don't Mean a Thing (Live) 
  4. Midnight Sun (Live) 
  5. Moody's Mood For Love (Live) 
  6. Woody Woodpecker (Live) 
  7. We Need Some Money (Live) 
  8. Run Joe (Live) 
  9. Family Affair (Live) 
  10. Stormy Monday (Live) 
  11. Playing Your Game Baby (Live) 
  12. Game's Over (Live) 
  13. Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus 
Disc 2: 

  1. Blow Your Whistle 
  2. Think 
  3. Ashley's Roach Clip 
  4. We The People 
  5. Bustin' Loose 
  6. Misty 
  7. Saturday Night Fish Fry 
  8. Day-O 
  9. Block Party 
  10. Love 
  11. Chuck Baby 
  12. Beautiful Life (Video Version) 
  13. Love Theme from "The Godfather" 
Outstanding compilation of choice cuts spanning the Godfather's career from 70's Soul Searchers funk, to jazzy 80's go-go, to Chuck's blazing 2000's comeback.

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