Pocket Poem (CD)

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Format: CD 
Label: Cuneiform Records 
Year: 2020 

Media Condition: New 
Sleeve/Cover Condition: New 

1 Dog Daze 
2 Dawn Cloud 
3 Honeymoon Room 
4 Sitting Under Stars 
5 The Severing 
6 Adonna The Painter 
7 Danger Play 
8 Pocket Poem 
9 Mori Point 
10 Part And Particle 
11 Beecher  
12 Spinal Fusion 
13 Untitled Atlas 
14 Deetjen 


Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass – Michael Formanek 
Drums, Percussion, Electronics – Ches Smith 
Guitar, Electronics – Anthony Pirog 

While it might confound those fixated with an artist's niche in the marketplace, guitarist Anthony Pirog knows little of stylistic limitations-in point of fact, Pirog's latest opus brings to mind the beloved Duke Ellington adage: Beyond category. Initially based in jazz, Pirog's seeming objective is to be a "category" unto himself, embracing not only jazz but avant-garde and indie rock, noise, and ambient soundscapes. 

Pocket Poem, his second under his own name and his first since joining forces with 50% of DC's legendary Fugazi as Messthetics (with two releases on Dischord), is in a zone where stylistic "handles" matter little but the idea of music is vibrant, expansive, and kaleidoscopic. 

Anthony designs a stylistic matrix where limits melt, genres meld, where seeming barriers shimmer and happily dissipate, engendering a both fascinating and satisfying audio journey. 

“Anthony Pirog’s work is otherworldly – feverish in its delivery and interstellar in its complexity – but his feet have long been planted on the ground in Washington DC. When he was a kid he soaked up the city’s music, studying Danny Gatton and blues transplant Roy Buchanan… But what’s the most DC thing a DC musician can do? Well, they could start a band with members of Fugazi. That would do it...”
– Guitar.com 

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